I think I was in that Starbucks.

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Jun 28, 2022Liked by Rob Long

Hi Rob. I loved this. I loved it as I sat here at Starbucks reading and typing on my 2014 MacBook across the street from the dance studio where I dropped my wife off for her class. I dropped her off because I didn't want her to have to worry about parking and I could spend the 15 minute drive with her to and from the studio. The key for me was finding a beautiful, best friend who makes me laugh and who laughs at me at all the right times, not just when I fall or do something stupid. Though we have agreed that is allowed, too, as long as no one is seriously hurt. We have been doing this nearly every single day of our marriage and it's been over 35 years. A home full of laughter is a great place to be.

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Jun 26, 2022Liked by Rob Long

Dear Rob, you are my new favorite writer! What a fine piece of writing!

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I am consternated. I realize that I am becoming a contemptible fanboy--especially in the age of Twitter--by incessantly liking Long's writings. I want to be more like the The New Yorker; you know even in the rare occasion they like something they still find flaws.

But this is good, and free for now.

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This is so brilliant! Absolutely spot on. Perfect.

I love the iPod analogy, but let me get some advice, Dr. Goodall; what if your one song is on a smudgy CD and skips?

I love my one song, thank God!

When finding the news that a kid is getting married: "If you knew there was a 50% chance that the plane was going to crash, would you get on board?" Or: "Congratulations, I'm sure you're the one that it will be different for."

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